Why would you want to use it ( Internet)?

There are so many things you can do and participate in once connected to the internet. They include using a range of services to communicate and share information and things quickly and inexpensively with tens of millions of people, both young and old and from diverse cultures around the world. For example:

             You'll be able to keep in touch and send things to colleagues and friends using electronic mail, internet telephone, keyboard chat and video conferencing.
             You can also tap into thousands of databases, libraries and newsgroups around the world to gather information on any topics of interest for work or recreation. The information can be in the form of text, pictures or even video material.
             This means you can stay up to date with news, sports, weather and any current affairs around the world with information updated daily, hourly or instantly.
             You can also locate and download computer software and other products that are available in cyberspace
             You can listen to sounds and music, and watch digital movies

                There are also a growing number of interactive multimedia games and educational tools. And as well as using the Internet for receiving things you will be able to publish information about your school, hobbies or interests.

There are 4 things that are necessary to "get on the internet" with a full graphic interface (picture, sounds, animation, etc...).
             A computer - preferably with a fast processor (around 100 MHz or more) and lots of memory (16 MB or more)
             A modem – (Internal or External)
             Browser Software (Eg. Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Opera)
             An ISP - An Internet Service Provider is a service that connects your home or office computer to the Internet  and  Telephone Line 

Once you have purchased an account with an ISP you will be given an account name. This is often your email address   as well. You will also be given a password and should also be provided with instructions. Protect your password as you would any personal identification number (PIN) number.  The ISP will also provide information on how to configure your software. This can be simple or difficult depending on your Operating System. Once configured you simply run the software to connect your computer's modem to the ISP's modem, giving you access to the Internet.


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