Direct Connection
            In many Department and businesses the computers have a direct (dedicated) connection to the internet through a LAN (Local Area Network). A direct connection offers several advantages. You can take full advantage of internet services without dialing in.

Dial Up Connection
            If your computer isn’t directly connect to the Internet, you can temporarily connect to an internet host through a dial up connection using a Modem (Modem using for converting Analog signal to Digital and Digital signal to Analog)  and standard Telephone lines. The time honored method one that works even with ancient equipment and questionable phone lines is called dial up terminal emulation. A typical connection through a modems and Telephone service is much slower (and often less reliable) than a direct internet connection. While modern modems are theoretically capable of delivering data at 56 kbps. They’re usually much slower when connected to typical noisy phone/lines. 

Broadband Connection
            Today millions of internet users connect via Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) and Satellites. These modern alter natives are often called broadband connection because they have much higher bandwidth there standard modems connection many broadband services offer another big advantages to users; They can be continually connected.

Internet Browsers
The Internet browser. This is the program that locates websites for you and allows users to maneuver around (surf) the World Wide Web and view web pages. The two most popular today are Netscape Navigator and Microsoft's Internet Explorer though Mosaic was the first and still used by some people. Opera, Mozilla, Farscape are another. Before graphic browsers Lynx was the most popular browser and is still available for text browsing. Some ISP have a proprietary type of browser though most have given up this practice as it limits the users abilities to browse the Internet.

Type the URL (Uniform Resource Locater) or Web Address of the website that you want to visit in the address bar of your browser and press Enter or click Go. Collect your favorite websites by adding them to your Favorites or Bookmarks. To go to a Favorite or Bookmark, click on the menu and click on the link.


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