Borders and Shading

           You can use Borders and Shading Option to add borders and shading to selected text, paragraphs, pages, or pictures.

a.         To add borders to a text, paragraph, or picture, first select the text, 
            paragraph or picture.
b.         Select Format -   Borders and Shading - Borders or Page border
c.         Click the border style you want. To change an individual border line to a new style, color, or width,   first click Custom, click the Style, Color, and Width settings you want, and then click the border buttons in the Preview diagram to apply the new options. Finally click  Ok   Button.

Note : if you want to add shading,  Select
Format -- Borders and Shading -- Shading.
Click the fill color you want for the shading, or click No Fill to remove the shading color.


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