other setting

        To view or adjust your current Date and Time
i.        Double click on System Clock in Taskbar.
ii.     View or change Date & Time properties as you wish.

        Displaying your System Properties Dialog Box
To display your system Properties dialog Box Press Windows + Break Key at the same time. The System Properties dialog box will allow you to see hardware devices such as Monitor, VGA Card, Sound Card and Modem in your computer.

        Adding a new printer
i.  Start _ Printers and Faxes
ii.                                            Add Printer _ Next
iii.   Select the Manufacturer and Printer Name (Ex: Manufacturer = Lexmark and Printer Name = Lexmark 2391 Plus ). And click Next  Button.
iv.   Select Printer port (Ex : LPT1)  and Click Next Button.
v.      Finally the computer will ask to print a test page, Select Yes and then Click Finish Button.


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