Windows XP

1.      Using the mouse in Windows
a.      Single click   : To select an Item(Ex: a folder, an icon or an application)
b.      Double click : To open an Item (Ex: a folder, an application or a program)
c.       Right click    : This will open a Pop Up Menu which will help you to do special task    on selected object
Note : if you want, you can change, Point to select an item and Single Click to open an item

2.      Icons
Clicking an icon starts the program or opens the files in the appropriate application

3.      The Desktop
The Windows Desktop covers the entire screen and lies under all icons, Windows and Objects

4.      Start Button
When you click start button it will display a menu of programs, documents and Windows Tools. All windows are available through Start Menu or from one of its submenus.

5.      Taskbar
The Taskbar is easily accessed to display all programs currently open and running. Click a program button in the Taskbar to activate the window containing that program.


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